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Equipment (NFT)
Equipment is an equip to make your character stronger.
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    Item will show the level and stat of the item but to equip the item requires stat only.
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    Item equipment will never drop from monsters but create from crafting only.
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    When craft an item equipment the item will random quality such as common, magic, rare, epic, legendary Quality will increase stat plus from standard stat of the item. We use level of item multiply 1 will equal max points then random 0 to max points. We separate quality by this table.
Equipment Level
0% - 19% of max points
20% - 39% of max points
40% - 59% of max points
60% - 79$ of max points
80% ~ of max points
After the item have points from previous method next is random increase stat 1 by 1 from 0 - point
Example :
Item level 30 will have max point 30. The method random 0 to 30 and get 15 points. So the item is quality Rare. Next is we random STR DEX INT 15 times and increase the stat from random result STR 5 DEX 0 INT 10.The item have standart Stat STR 10 DEX 10 INT 10 and Special Stat STR 5 DEX 0 INT 10.
Equipment types for Human Character
  • Primary weapon
  • Hat
  • Top clothes
  • Shoe
  • Glove
  • Rings
  • Back part
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Legendary
Enchanted Level
From +0 to +10
Types of wearing conditions
  • Minimum stats

Where to find

  • Open in Equipment Gachapon
  • Find in Marketplace
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