In the empire of Britania, in the heart of continent Pangiala ruled by King Authur, There were nine incomparable renown knights; Sir One, Sir Two, Sir Three , Sir Four , Sir Five , Sir Six , Sir Seven , Sir Eight and Sir Nine protecting the town and villagers. One day, Sir Nine and Sir Eight received a mission to rescue villagers in a faraway land.
While the mission seemed to be successful, there was a mysterious light that flashed at everyone and made both knights blink for a second. Thereafter, Sir Nine found that Sir Eight had suddenly disappeared. Back from the mission, Sir Nine had been accused of murdering Sir Eight because the mission was to rescue the villagers from the monsters, but those monsters were only low-level and were unable to kill Sir Eight. Sir Nine had tried to prove his innocence, researching information but could not find any clues. Suddenly, he spotted an old book with the title “The Empower Stone” on the cover. He read and found that there were nine Empower Stones and that one of them was with Emperor Arthur Pendragon. Sir Nine studied the stones and decided to desert his duties and fled from the empire. He gathered eight stones in ten years and gained the power from all the stones. The empire dismissed Sir Nine from the knights and since then he has been known as the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord targeted the last stone from the emperor. He led the high-level monsters to destroy the town. At that time, there was only Sir Two stationed at the empire alone. The emperor ordered Sir Two to rescue the villagers that had been attacked by the monsters while the emperor stalled the Dark Lord from causing further damage. While the emperor was battling with the Dark Lord, he realised that the opponent had too much power. He then ordered Sir Two to stall the Dark Lord for some time so that he could enchant the Chrono, a chronograph, to stop the Dark Lord. However, Sir Two could not resist the power, so he used his life power to destroy all the empower stones, but it was unsuccessful. All eight empower stones scattered across the earth and meanwhile the Chrono started working. After 10,000 years, all the scattered stones had changed the earth’s landscape and created numerous miracles. In the meantime, the Chrono gradually deteriorated year by year. It is time for the adventurers to save the planet, said Sir Seven.
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